How to Reduce Data Usage Rate if Your Phone is Consuming too Mach Data


Since most phones are now configured to 3G and 4G network, it is easy and fast to download large files.Some people are complaining because these networks usually consumes alot of data. If you phone is consuming data alot of data, there are several ways in which you be able to regulate this.Safaricom and other service providers have introduced an easy way to reduce to reduce the data consumption rate.All you need to do is to press the USSD codes that you usually use to buy data and activate the data manager. By activating the data manager, you will be able to set data usage limit. You can set the limit per day, weekly of even monthly. When you are almost this limits, you will always receive a message so that you can reduce the data usage.

Secondly, you can achieve this by activating the data saver in your phone. The data saver helps to restrict the amont of data each app in the phone uses. Data saver is usually located on the top of the screen or on data usage settings.

The third way, you can power on backgroud data restriction. This is the best to reduce high rate of data usage.When you power off this settings, each and every app in your phone start to use data. You should the one to allow the apps that should be using data.

Another way is to restrict automatic update of apps. One this still you can restrict notifications and adverts in so many apps. On that still set your phone to only download the photos or videos you allow. Most phones have image automatic download on apps such as telegram and WhatsApp. This can lead to high data consumption rate. Please share.