"Kata Simu Tupo Site." Check Out The Origin Of The Trending Phrase

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Despite the harsh economic times and divicive politics that Kenyans currently go through, if there is one thing that will always bring Kenyans together is the online fun.

There has been a phrase that now is on every Kenyan lips, "kata simu tupo site" (hang up we are at the site) that has been going round and in case you were wondering where it came from, here is the reveal.

The phrase comes from a short video clip that has been doing rounds in the social media, an elderly man wearing seemingly a Muslim regalia including a kanzu, in an outdoor location seemingly a construction site can be seen removing his supposedly ringing phone from the pocket and proceeds to instruct the person from the other end to hang up since he is very busy at the site and the caller is only causing disturbance. (Kata simu kata simu tupo site.)

Now Kenyans being the funny people we are, including our own Michael Olunga, took to social media to use the now trending phrase to make fun.

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Source: https://www.tuko.co.ke/entertainment/celebrities/460991-elderly-man-becomes-internet-sensation-funny-phone-call-kata-simu/

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