Opinion: A Brief Analysis Of The Crisis In Annie And Innocent Idibia's Marriage.

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It is no longer news that there's crisis in Annie and Innocent Idibia's marriage, following the social media post made by Annie Macaulay in the early hours of today, September 3, 2021. Well, we are taking a critical look into the entire drama which played out today, and we will equally reveal some vital findings regards the crisis rocking the aforementioned marriage.

(Photo credit: Annie Idibia Instagram page)

Annie Idibia:

On her part, she is not happy that her husband, Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2baba is not being faithful to her, especially with the way he handles his baby mothers. But she is most concerned with Pero Adeniyi who has three kids for the "African Queen" crooner. Annie is particularly not happy that her husband capitalizes on the opportunity of visiting his kids from the other women, to cheat on her.

The truth remains that true love comes with some atom of jealousy, in other words, how Annie is reacting to what is going on between her husband and his other baby mothers is natural and not out of place. If she does not truly love 2baba she wouldn't have been bothered by what he does with other women.

(Photo credit: Annie Idibia Instagram page)

Meanwhile, I have read a lot of reactions from some Nigerians. A lot of them are of the opinion that Annie was aware that her husband has kids with other women, as such, she should have known that things like this will happen once in a while. But these persons are wrong, because 2baba knew he had kids with other women before he decided to settle down with Annie Macaulay.

And am sure they never agreed that 2baba will still keep his relationship with his other baby mothers. So, why then is he behaving in this manner as alleged by Annie in her social media post? If truly he's guilty as accused, then he's the cause of the current crisis rocking his marriage and not Annie.

(Photo credit: Annie Idibia Instagram page)

Besides, was he expecting that Annie should be happy and comfortable that he still has any form of intimacy with his baby mothers? The truth remains that there's no woman in Annie's position that will not react in the same or similar manner, or even worse than her. But the only mistake she made was dragging the problems in her marriage to the social media, experiences should have taught her that social media don't solve crisis in marriages.

Charles Idibia:

The young man who is a younger brother to 2baba came into the matter because Annie alleged that from the onset, she was never loved by the Idibia family. So Charles is defending the Idibia family that Annie is trying to paint black before the public.

(2baba, Annie and Charles Idibia. Photo credit: Linda Ikeji's blog)

Charles made some unproven claims and allegations against Annie. For instance, he claimed that his brother is dying slowly in his marriage with Annie, among some others.

He then went further to challenge Annie to mention some of the bad treatments or bad things that the Idibia family has meted out to her, be it now or in the time past.

Meanwhile, what is evident in the entire drama involving Charles Idibia and Annie is the fact that Charles is not happy with how his family members are treated by Annie and her mom, especially whenever they visits their home in Lagos.

(Photo credit: Annie Idibia Instagram page)

Because in one of his posts, he alleged that he can't even spend up to two hours in 2baba's home in Lagos, just because of how Annie and her mother treats him whenever he visits his brother's home. In other words, the young man is not happy that Annie is using her position as his brother's wife to limit the access to him (2baba) by other members of the Idibia's family, especially himself.

On her part, Annie made it clear that she is only trying to protect her husband, 2baba, so that his family members will not suck him dry, and that she's fighting for the interest of her kids and her husband. She equally accused Charles and others (whose names were not mentioned in her post) of being lazy just because their brother (2baba) is rich and successful.

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