Hajia Bintu Is Not The Most Curvy Lady In Ghana- See Photos Of The Most Endowed Woman In Ghana


What pops up in your mind when you hear curvy? A lot of Ghanaians currently thinks Hajia Bintu is the only curvy slay queen on Instagram. Well there are a lot of curvy ladies in Ghana and among these beautiful ladies Fafa Diamond is the most curvy. I just found out today.

In this article I am to show you some beautiful pictures of Fafa Diamond one of the most curvy women in Africa who is naturally endowed.

Fafa Diamond is a beautiful average plus size woman who is naturally endowed with the heavy backside and heavy chest as well. She is known for flaunting curvy pictures of her self online. Fafa is an advertiser on instagram and she has gotten all the attention she needs with her heavy backside and curvy shape.

Fafa Diamond hopped on Instagram not long ago but she is the talk of the town. These beautiful pictures of Fafa Diamond I’m about to share with you is here for those who think Hajia Bintu is the most curvy lady in Ghana now.

Below are some beautiful pictures of Fafa Diamond;

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