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The Life of an Initiate is Indeed an Initiation on it's own. The Initiate knows this. She knows that the Life of an Initiate is not an easy path. It is a path that is set with many traps, tests and dangers.

That is why the Initiate knows that she is not supposed to live a Life of Comfort and Ease.

For we seek for answers only when in distress, we ask the most important questions in life when we are in the midst of turmoil.

we question our reality and beliefs only when things turn sour, like little children we run to the Father only when we are faced with challenges. This is why the Initiate never seeks the life of comfort, he disturbs his sleep during the night for prayer.

He denies himself food even in the midst of abundance. She bathes in cold water when it's cold and steams with hot water when it's hot.

Through the Right Hand Path the Initiate learns to suffer willingly, knowing that Spirit can only rise through (Suffering). He stays up all night praying, sacrificing his Slumber for his Awakening. 

The Initiate knows that Laziness dumbs down the Spirit. Thus the Initiate never ceases to labour for physical and spiritual growth, making sure that she is able to feed her own stomach, provide her own shelter and provide for himself other basic necessities for living.

Your Spiritual work should never interfere with your Physical responsibilities. We are here to work with the Elements and not against them, the Initiate knows this, that's why he meditates as much as he Hustles. The Initiate has no friends nor enemies but all alike are his Teachers.

"Your Enemy is (like) yourself though in a lesser degree than your friend"- This is how the Initiate sees the world.

The Initiate knows that Life is but a dream, a mental creation of ancestors, but the Initiate lives Life as if it were real, denying it's power over her without denying it's existence be continued...

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