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The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has hit hard on the Ministry of Education for advertising the position of headmasters into STEM schools.

According to Angel Cabornu, leader of the teacher union, he spoke against the decision of the Ministry to appoint headmasters

for schools, adding that the Ministry does not have the power to appoint apart from the management of GES. Thus, the teacher association has called for the withdrawal of the advertisement.

Mr. Cabornu in a press briefing today, February 17, 2022, monitored by Bricy Boateng said,“ It is the function of the Ghana Education Service (GES), the GES has that power to appoint headmasters and headmistresses, not the Ministry of Education.” He continued,

“So, the advertisement brought by the Ministry inviting applicants to apply to be headmasters and headmistress in STEM schools should be withdrawn by the Ministry immediately.”

According to the leader of the teacher group, the Ministry of Education should rather focus on pertinent issues facing schools and teachers in Ghana that needs to be solved instead of talking about appointing headmasters for schools.

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