Given Ratings of Excellent, Good, Fair, And Poor. How do You Rate Uhuru Kenyatta's Leadership?


Uhuru Kenyatta got into the office in 2013 as the President of Kenya. This was after the retirement of Mwai Kibaki. Kibaki's government was considered the best Kenyans ever had. He worked hard on the Kenyan economy and he ensured that Kenyans enjoyed services at low costs.

After Uhuru Kenyatta's entrance in 2013 we have seen some developments like SGR, constructions of roads, and installation of electricity in rural areas. These were among the big four agenda in jubilee government. Many Kenyans are enjoying good infrastructure, cheap electricity, and other services.

In order to achieve these development projects, the government has been borrowing some money. This action has been criticised by many Kenyans since it may result to high taxation in the country. Currently, the taxes are increasing at a higher rate. This has made some people to dislike the Uhuru Kenyatta's government saying that it doesn't look at Kenyans needs.

The president said that taxes must be paid if people needs to see developments. These taxes are used to build our roads, hospitals, and installing electricity in rural areas. As we approach 2022, a year of elections, Kenyans must be very careful on who will take over the leadership. It's just one year remaining for Uhuru Kenyatta to retire, how do you rate his leadership?


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