Do you want to quit smoking? Here are 3 foods that help you do this

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Smoking is one of the worst things that one can do to their body. It makes you dependent upon it and soon you find yourself smoking almost every hour. But besides the bad smell, yellowing teeth and coughing; cancer remains the most serious side effect of it.

If you need to quit here are some foods that will help.


Apparently eating these food makes cigarettes not taste right. If you eat them, you can make yourself feel quesy about them. It may seem insignificant but it can actually help to associate smoking with a bad taste.


These can help improve your health obviously and can replace the times when you need to smoke. You can even go as far as chopping them into sticks like carrots and celery. Help yourself make a good habit out of a bad one.

3. Ginseng Tea

This according to reasearch reduce the effects of nicotine which is found in cigarettes. This can help ease your journey our of the addiction and free you from the smoking.

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