The Competition Commission & Shoprite Have Come To A Settlement Over Its Ticketing Business Computer

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The Competition Commission and Shoprite have come to a settlement over its ticketing business Computicket, many people do not realise the business that shoprite has had with the computicket business.

It has been a many years of good Relations together, but it seems like there's been minor disputes throughout the years that could be easily resolved.

Computicket distributes tickets for entertainment events, bus rides, and flights through the organisation for many years and people are pretty much satisfied with the way that things have been going but apparently the shoprite Enterprise has seen issues with this incident.

Computicket has now agreed to pay a fine of just over R11 million to settle a second prosecution against the Commission for alleged abuse of dominance, but of course they are looking for ways in order to resolve this amicably and hope that they'll be able to do this.

Because many members of the public have enjoyed the convenience of having to just simply walk into shoprite, and be able to purchase whatever they want to in terms of the tickets that allow them access into any computer kit infant.

The commission found that Computicket entered into exclusive deals with theatres and promoters, and this has been able to prevent other ticket promoters from entering the market which is great for them because they've enjoyed a monopoly for many years.

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