Police went to search Houses in Tembisa after getting a tip-off and were sh0cked by what they found

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The Ekurhuleni Flying Squad assisted in the arrest of two males, ages 43 and 48, on suspicion that they were illegally carrying firearms, ammunition, and other things that were thought to have been stolen. The men were found to be in possession of the aforementioned items.

According to a report published by the South African Police Service (saps), the Ekurhuleni Crime Intelligence Unit and the Ekurhuleni Flying Squad were given information about the whereabouts of one of the suspects involved in a truck hijacking that took place in Tembisa on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. The incident took place on Tuesday. This led them to the location that was previously indicated, where they found four firearms for which they did not have permits, holsters for those firearms, Kevlar jackets, pellet guns, and expensive wine. Additionally, they learned that they possessed pellet guns.

They were able to seize a Glock handgun along with 24 live rounds of ammunition and arrest a man on the charge of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition during a raid that took place in the same area. This particular person had reached the age of 48.

It is expected that the two men, ages 43 and 48, will soon stand themselves in court to face the claims that have been brought against them.


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