Uproar After President Kenyatta Cancels This Special Events Citing Fears.


President Kenyatta have been touring the country inspecting development projects to see their progress. In all the events, he has been attending alone without his principal assistant who is the deputy president.

The head of state of late have been on foreign trips where he represented the people of kenya. He first travel to france where he met with the host president and had a consultative talk. From there the president travelled to Zambia where he joined the people of Zambia in mourning their departed forefather and first president of that country.Photo:President in Zambia.

On return to the country, it was expected that the president would tour the eastern region of kenya as he has been doing to other regions. This special visit will not come to light after reports emerged about the cancellation of the event. According to reports by the nation Africa, the president have decided to cancel the visiting citing fears of corona virus.

This comes at the time the ministry of health in its latest update indicated that the number of positive cases recorded were 277 placing the positivity rate at 7.3%, this being far beyond the recommended 5% by the world health organization.

This therefore raises suspicion why the president decides to cancel a local event while at the same time attends foreign events where the virus was believed to have originated from.

Jakorayo kenya_public@operanewshub.com