The official who battled with a very big snake during census activities in Kadjebi District.


The 2021 population and housing çencus had begun with a lot of challenges facing the field officers. Most of these challenges are caused by different factors in respect to where the census official are working.

Some of these challenges may include geographical challenges in terms relief features or the topographical nature of the area in question. That is to say that some field officers are required to climb different kinds of mountains using narrow road's before getting the required destination for listing and enumeration.

To be specific challenges regarding issues of relief, drainage and topography are mainly faced by 2021PHC officers working in what is termed as "type 3" Enumeration Area's (EAs). Some of the officers working in this areas atimes have cross Rivers, lakes, lagoons and other water bodies for getting to their destination for listing and enumeration.

Aside all these challenges, the topic of discussion lies on the a gentle man who had to battled with a huge python during his line of duty. This man came across a huge python on his way to community he is assigned to work in. On his way he had to battled with the python in other to find find his way to community his assigned to work in.

Fortunately enough, during the battle the gentleman was able to overshadowed the python. In fact python was by the gentleman as shown in the picture below. The advice to all census officials working in especially type 3 Enumeration Area's (EAs) should be extra careful in discharging their duties.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to share with others for them to understand the gravity of challenges some enumerators are going through before reaching out to them. So we entreat each and everyone to openly give out the informations the census officials required of them in other to reduce their challenges.