Sola Allyson The Singer With The Sonorous Voice. Meet Her Husband And Children

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For those who understood what good music is all about, they can relate with the song Sola Allyson Obaniyi sang in the year 2003 “Eji Owuro”. The song was really a heart melting song filled with romantic wordings that could literally make you retrace yourself if you're not in good terms with your spouse. Sola has over the years become more relevant in the music industry due to her style of music which is unique.

Life will be a good place if we have such musicians who can sing in the light of decency and harmony. I’m not sure if many musicians think about the consequences of their songs to the society and how humanity will be transformed or made better through their songs.

Sola Allyson Obaniyi is a woman whose songs has blessed so many lives both home and abroad. She is one of the few artistes that her songs have literally transformed lives for good, thus, making the society a good place to live in. She said in one of the interviews she had that she gets happy when people meet her and share with her how her songs have transformed them to become new persons. 

This kind of testimonies are things Nigeria need at the moment not songs that would glorify rape or indecent lifestyles in the society. With the increasing rate in rape cases and killing "odd" songs should be banned and songs like hers should be given preference in Nigeria for now. Sola Allyson might not be able rob shoulders with big names in the industry in terms of wealth but she can be joyful that she is rewriting destinies of people for good.

Sola Allyson Obaniyi was born in the 1970’s . She had her primary school education at Anglican peimary School, Ikorodu, Lagos. She proceeded for her secondary school at Shams eldeen Grammar School. She also attended the Government Technical College Ikeja, Lagos where she studied Business Studies. She then proceeded to The Polytechnic, Ibadan where she studied Music.

She got married in March 2003 to Mr. Toyin Obaniyi. They have three lovely children which are: Ayobami, Mopelola and Obafunmiwo.

See the photos of herself, husband and children.

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