Take A Look At What A Man Was Caught Doing At A Harbour, We Later Blame The Government Over Corrupt

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As citizens of Ghana, we have as part of our responsibilities to put up good attitudes that will hinder the growth of our own country.

It is always a good thing when we put the needs and interest of others at heart. We see people almost everywhere complaining about the state of the country and asking the government to do something about it, forgetting that we play a major role in making this a reality.

In a video that has been seen online, you would realize how a fish seller after selling to someone, stole back from his buyer.

In the video, the main who tried to help have the fish bowl on the head of the other deliberately stole from the individual. This is one major problem buyers normally have with Sellers. Some may hide items like leaves at the button of their onion baskets to make them look much on the outside.

One thing we need to bear in mind is that, before we call on authorities to fix our country, we need to play our individual roles by not cheating others to obtain money. The attitude of this man has left a lot of people talking Soo much on social media.

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