Popular Celebrities Suffering From Serious Illnesses (PHOTOS)


What money can buy is always limited. Things like diseases, happiness can never be bought,they are beyond our control. Therefore there are some successful celebrities with huge amounts of money in their accounts but cannot not enjoy their lives to the fullest due to incurable illnesses they have.

These people have access to best doctors and nurse in the world but things cannot work normal again. Therefore today I would like to show you some of the celebrities battling deadly diseases.

1.Lil Wayne

For a long time now, Lil Wayne have been at war with diseases. Surely his health has never been the same again, the hip hop star was diagnosed with Suizures caused by codeine in his system.

2.Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown has been suffering form Suizures since he was a child. Brown was also recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder which is characterised by aggression and mood swings.

3.Selena Gomez

In her life, Selena have been battling various diseases. In 2018 she was taken to hospital due to her alarming low white blood cells count in her system. She was diagnosed with Lupus.


Shakira was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis. The disease has gave her hard time since she was diagnosed. However currently she is fairing on well.

5.Justine Beiber

Justine Beiber is one of the richest singers in the world as well as popular. However Justine's health is not good, he was diagnosed with incurable illness, the Lyme disease.

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