Teachers in China are Reaping Their Reward Right Here on Earth and Not Waiting to Get to Heaven


There is a popular saying in our part of the world that, 'The reward of the teacher is in Heaven.' This is because despite the fact that their profession remains one of the most crucial professions, if not the most crucial, teachers are among the most poorly remunerated workers in the country.

In my opinion, one of the factors contributing to the sad situation is the perception that the teacher's work is easy, doesn't require much training, and that just anybody can do it. One would argue that the fact that even SHS graduates are able to do some teaching before furthering their education proves that it is an easy side, and must not attract huge compensations.

What those that argue thus fail to realize is that, the reason everyone feels they can attempt teaching is that they have all been with the teacher for many years. Put a toddler in a hospital to be trained by doctors, and I bet you, they will be performing complicated surgeries before age 18. It all has to do with the exposure. Everyone of an appreciable level of education has learnt some teaching skills from the teacher. Had it not been that, the teacher's work would have seem as hard as any other's.

Apparently, the perception that the teacher's reward is in Heaven doesn't hold in China. Teachers in China are reaping their reward right here on Earth, and not waiting to get to Heaven. A video making rounds shows very posh cars parked, and the narrator is heard revealing that those extravagant cars belong to some teachers in China. I was like, 'where the heck did teachers in Ghana go to sleep?'

The cars include latest models of Porsche, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and many more. Those classes of cars are mostly owned by big business men, politicians and celebrities in our part of the word, but in China, teachers can also afford them.

Now let's do the Maths. How long will it take a teacher in Ghana who receives around GH¢1,800 monthly to buy a Porsche? Forever! Their entire pension cannot even make a part payment. After the teacher has impacted in other people for over 30 years, they go home with as meager pension as GH¢20,000. That is so pathetic.

Compare that to the ex-gratia paid to politicians at the end of every four-year term, and it is brought to bare that the Ghanaian teacher is indeed being treated unfairly.

What wrong at all did the Ghanaian teacher commit? Why must they suffer for government's decision for school children to go to school free of charge? Why should professionals through whose hands every other professional passes be treated in that manner?

In the video, the narrator is heard sending a word of caution to teachers to stop the NPP-NDC mind games, since none has radically sought to the welfare of the teacher. It is high time teachers in the country took their destinies into their own hands to engage in various ventures that can ensure them financial freedom for them to also live good.

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