Ghana Education Clarifies False News About Free Senior High School Feeding Program In Press Release


The Ghana Education has in a press release clarify various false news about the free senior high school education.

In a press release on the Ghana Education Service Social Media platforms, they made it known to the public that there has been news circulating about the free Senior High School Education which is absolutely false.

The consumption of egg has reduced has reduced by 70% and has created unemployment amongst Ghanaian Poultry farmers. Ghana Education service says this news is false and we should disregard them.

The Free Senior High School Education has brought about a lot of employment but not to create employment. There are various foods supplied to all schools for the students to eat. Some include eggs and mackerels which has been supplied to all senior high schools since 2017.

Ghana Education further stated that, As a responsible state agency, we will continue to avail ourselves to any individual or group.

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