Bad News To Raila After Choosing Martha Karua As His Running Mate

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Everything comes with its consequences.This matter if choosing Raila was sure that people will comment and talk differently about it.

Just hours after picking NARK Kenya Party leader Hounerable Martha Karua as his running mate, Orange Democratic Party leader Hounerable Raila Odinga received awful news. As Kenyans rejoiced at the KICC, Karua was unveiled as the running mate. Although Sauti Soul, the leading Kenyan artist label, did not appear to be actively monitoring the unauthorized usage of their music, it is possible that they were.

According to their statement, however, they are not affiliated with Azimio or any other political party in the country ahead of August's general elections. According to them, they want to get legal advice on the matter from their lawyer, so everything is OK. The same problem.

The case has been handled differently in Kenya. While some have urged for the issue to be resolved, others have argued that they should be compensated for their work. Let's wait and see what happens in the near future.

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