COA FS, and other drugs exposed in Corona Quacks


Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an investigative journalist, who is aimed at exposing corrupt people in Ghana, and other countries, has once again, brought out another video, titled, Corona Quacks. In this video, he exposes people who try to use the Covid 19 pandemic, as means of benefiting for themselves illegally.

First of them all is Samuel Ato Duncan, the owner of the COA FS, medicine which was said to cure diseases such as Corona Virus, Cancer, Kidney failure, and HIV/AIDS. During the early days of Covid 19 in Ghana, Dr Samuel, was mostly seen on our television stations, claiming he has a cure for the disease, and that his cure had helped some Covid patients in China.

He made a lot of money from this drug. In Anas' expose, we found out that this drug, contains a lot of bacteria and mold and is no where near a cure for corona virus. Samuel Ato Duncan, lied about this. He later came out to say that this drug is not a Covid cure and he never said it was. Despite all this, he was still selling the drug in secret at a price of 200 cedis.

Another fake person, Anas exposed is Dr Abdellah, who also made some concussions which he claimed were Covid 19 cures. He went on a radio to broadcast this drug. Later, he got a lot of people calling to inquire about the drug. Anas, also called, pretending to be an interested person. So Dr Abdellah invited Anas to his office to purchase the drug, (not knowing who Anas really was). He said the drug went for a price of 5000 cedis, but Anas bargained and paid 1000 cedis for it. Later, he sent the COA FS and Dr. Abdellah's drug to a laboratory for it to be tested.

The test came out as bad. The test also confirmed that the drugs had bacteria which were mostly found in faeces. Later, the culprit was arrested( Dr Abdellah) but Dr Samuel Ato Duncan, has not been. He is refusing all the allegations.

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