How this man from Soweto blew R1 million rand inheritance money on drugs and liquor

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Zolani inherited and blew away R1,000,000 from his late parents. To Mzansi Magic's I Blew It, he told his story:

The inheritance was divided into three, divided by age, with the oldest getting the least, My young sibler got the most and I have the medium. I heard the money in the bank account had been reflected, so I went and checked. I have seen a lot of zeros that I've never seen in my life before.

I withdrew the money from the bank account for the first time I saw it, so I could see how the money was going out. There is no relation if you don't have cash in your hands. You've got to touch, see, and smell it. So I pressed the highest number, and as the money came out, I heard the ATM's vibration.

His brother narrate his encounter:

My brother had gone into debt, and he was starting to control us. First of all, he convinced Nomceba (sister) and then me. Around the time the country was going through a recession, we were so forced to sell our parents' home. As it was priced at R2,5 million, we earned much less than the value of the building.

Zolani continues:

I got R400,000 out of the building sales.I used to drink and smoke a lot and I found myself experimenting with cocaine until I found the crack cocaine drug that paralyzed me. The money began to run out and I got a notice from the bank that I was left with R20,000, so I asked myself, "If you worked for that money, it would run out as well."

As my mother would do, I underestimated the strength of getting a career, using my commitment and careful preparation. I regret preferring to recklessly waste the cash from her life insurance program and not take care of her assets because they were not mine.

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