Beautiful Photos Of Barack Obama's Family Dog As He Dies Of Cancer

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It is a very sad moment of Barack Obama's family as their dog Bo, dies of cancer recently. The dog was welcomed into their home in 2008 during the Obama presidential campaign.

The dog was like a friend to them according Michelle Obama. Dogs over the years have become so attached to humans as best friends because of their "Easy To Relate" and their playful nature.

Michelle in a sorrowful goodbye massage to Bo on her Instagram page says Bo was a constant,comforting presence in their lives.

In this part of the world,dogs are mainly used for security purposes but over there in the western world they are like a companion,friend that they hardly go out without them by their sides.

Dogs are one of the most friendly animals you can think of because they are playful and jovial as man can be. I know how hard it is to lose a "dog friend" like Bo especially when you are constantly close to them.

My condolences to the Obama family and may God give them the strength to bear the loss.

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