Chandra Nandini Written Episode Update: Chandra kills his greatest enemies

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Chandra Nandni 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: bheemdevs body burnt;Mohini killed by Chandra as Bheemdev.

Chandra as Bheemdev says do you understand what have you done,you greedy women,Mohini says understand this is so that you can stay in Chandras body and then we both can rule over Magad.

Chanakya reads we need body of other person to make him leave the possessed body and says this is very difficult,Nandini walks to Chanakya and says Bheemdev is in maharaj body and bheemdevs body is burnt I have seen Mohini do that and all this so that they can rule over Magad,Chanakya says you have no idea what horrifying thing has happened because to make Bheemdev leave Chandras body we need to have bheemdevs body,Nandini says did we loose Chandra,Chanakya says it’s hard not impossible and I shall find a way and I just wish Bheemdev doesn’t make anything worst,Nandini says no he won’t 

I will not let him do that,Chanakya says Bheemdev must be angry because his body is burnt,Nandini says yes he is but we will do this for Chandra,Chanakya says here is abhimantrik Dhaga give it to everyone so that Bheemdev and Mohini can’t enter others body.Chandra as Bheemdev very angry and shatters whole room,Nandini thinks so it was Bheemdev who made Chandra do this and hears Chandras angry vice and walks to him and thinks how should I stop him,she talks to him but he pushes her and says stop it,I’m trying to talk at you but look at you,you are a king intelligent strong but me who has no identity and see I beg of you don’t do this,I lived a simple life before but this Royal life I’m in love with it don’t send me away from this,Bheemdev thinks wow I was without any reason angry this life is what I always dreamt of,Bindusara hears all this and leaves. Chandra says no Nandini you are mine I won’t let you go and hugs her,Nandini thinks I will trap you in this and make you suffer for all the pain you gave my Chandra.

Mohini says now I just have to handle Nandini to have the throne and crown. Helina thinking why didn’t Bindusara take any steps against dharma,Mohini walks in,Helina says how dare you enter,Mohini says did you forget it’s my room now,as I’m mukhya rani now,Helina says Chandra cant do this to me,Mohini says just get out of my room,Helina leaves in anger. Dharma thinking about her future predictions,and thinks he must have predicted something wrong,me and Bindusara hard,y leave as husband and wife so kids how is that possible.

Bindusara has a cramp,dharma walks to help him but Bindusara says dare you come to me,you and your mother are just good to act,remember you said that lady is Nandini but I heard her say she will be here as dasi but she won’t go to bheemdev because she want luxuries of this kingdom and so I won’t let you and your mother stay,my father might have lost it but I haven’t,and so get lost and takes her away with him.

Helina says what have you done Chandra,you gave my position to that stupid women Mohini,I helped you be king, I’m your wife but you,Chandra walks away. Mohini eyeing on the throne,she feels it,and sits on mukhya rani throne and then walks to kings throne and sits on it,Chandra walks to her and gets very angry,and says how dare you,Mohini says I was just taking the feel ,it is so attractive,Chandra says it’s Magad Samrats throne and not for a common man like you and pushes her,Mohini says how dare you push me.

Mohini sees Helina around and says now I’m mukhrani and so why behave with me this way,Chandra says I saw greed in your eyes and so don’t forget who you are or else I will out you behind bars,Mohini says I know your secret,Chandra says who will believe you,Mohini says okay I shall go and inform all then,Chandra kills her,Helina in shock,Chandra says so my every order should be followed and no questions asked and leaves.

Bindusara drags dharma along with her,Nandini sees them,Bindusara stops,Nandini makes him leave her hand and says she is your wife don’t misbehave,Bindusara says she is my wife and I will behave as per my wish,and I know your truth so don’t try this tricks on me,Dhrama says enough you keep insulting me I can take that but she is my mother and I cant take a word against her,Bindusara says ok ask her then didn’t she say she won’t go to bheemdev and stay with maharaj,Nandini says yes I did,Bindusara says yes see how shameless,dharma says I can’t believe,Nandini says maharaj isn’t behaving well like two spilt personalities and I did this to calm him down,Bindusara says do I look fool,Nandini says why don’t you understand the truth is,Nandini remembers not to share the news but thinks Chanakya acharya I have to tell Bindusara and tells Bindusara the truth.

Bindusara starts laughing,and says wow. Chanakya meets a tantrik and tells him situation,tantrik says only one way sacrifice of love.

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