True Love: Meet the Oldest Couples in the World, They have Lived for More than 80 Years Together


When we say "Marriage is a bond between a man and a woman that is meant to last till death depart them" many don't understand this. But this couple are just an example of the expression. Being with a person for more than 80 years of your life is not easy but these two have been living together ever since even up until today.

Julio Cesar and Waldramina Malvoviaare the world oldest couple. Julio is 110 years old while his wife is 104 years old. Together the couple share an age of 215 years. They are the world oldest couples according to Guinness Books of Records.

At first when the two wanted to get married families of both parties disapproved of their union but today they are now the world oldest couple. This is a clear example of what they call true love. The love between these two are just a clear example of what love suppose to be among couples.

They have been married for 81 years now and still very happy together. According to report, they have 11 grandchildren, 21 great grand children and 9 great great grand children.