How to escape female rapists: Netizens point out a hilarious solution which actually works

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There has been many instances about men being raped by females. Whenever we hear of cases like these, we tend to give it less attention just because the victims are men. That is not very cool because if the narrative changes, everybody will come out bashing the men who got to rape the women.

We have made it seem that men do not feel pain and so, we tend to always cut them off in matters which needs to be taken seriously. Some women are actually out there, looking for partners who will satisfy them and instead of asking, they go ahead to force men to sleep with them. Pulse Ghana made it very clear about how men were falling victims to rape.

A 27-year-old man is currently battling for his life at the hospital after two women decided to rape him. They did so after kidnapping him and went ahead to do him crazy till he could no more stay conscious, I guess he was holy.

Netizens after hearing this news are wondering what is really going on. Imagine staying chaste and planning to engage in intercourse after marriage, only for somebody to rape you. This must be very disheartening.

Well, some netizens have devised a plan to help men escape women, should in case they find themselves in such situations. Teflon is a social media influencer who decided to bring the secret recipe to being a rape victim out and here is it;

You kick into the groin which will force the rapist to bend after signalling the pain. You then go for her melons and twist them, this will make them feel weak. Guess what? You then run away before she regains her strength.

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