Dr. Gakara’s Age Revealed as Bodies of Daughter and Son Lay Side by Side during Mass –PHOTOS

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Gakara's Coffin labeled with Date of birth

Friends, Family, and relatives of the late doctor Gakara today met at Milimani to bid farewell to the late who allegedly killed his children in an event that caught the attention of the nation. His well-labeled coffin with his name and date of birth was displayed at the church premises. Gakara was born on the 26th day of December 1966.

The bodies of his daughter and son laid side to side by him as the mass was taking place. The innocent children met their deaths in the most distressing way any parent can think of. The postmortem on their bodies revealed that they were injected with substances in their body that led to their death.

So far for Gakara, it is still unclear what killed him but the government pathologist is keen on ensuring that they identify the cause of his death which continues to remain a puzzle in the country. Below are some images from the requiem mass;

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