Bonny Khalwale Breaks Silence On Matungu By Election


Today Matungu Constituency was actively seeking to elect their next member of parliament of matungu to succeed the late honourable Justus Murunga. The election came to media heights with suspected cases of election malpractice with high case of suspected voter bribery in various polling stations.

However,lt came to concern of many when former kakamega Senator Bonny khalwale went missing in any of polling stations. The vocal kakamega UDA party member went off social media headlines even after his counterpart honourable Rashid Echesa was being criticised for shameful act after he was got on media assaulting the IEBC Officer mr.peter should be noted that honourable Bonny khalwale has been in frontline to campaign for UDA party candidate honourable Alex Lanya Wamukoya.And his missing has created alot of concern.

However,This evening honourable Bonny khalwale has broke silence by making some remarks on Matungu By Election. This happened when honourable Bonny khalwale had to post the following on his social media account.

Many had expected honourable Bonny khalwale to close chaos and unnecessary tension in many polling stations in matungu constituency during voting process because of his controversial decision during heated debate. Honourable Bonny khalwale is one of the UDA party diehards in Western region.


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