“We Don't Care Who Brought You Here, We Will Sack You If You Misbehave"- Military Man Warns Recruits


The military service is one of the government work fields that despite it strict procedures in recruiting persons, a very huge number of the country's youth populace are heard to apply for them each year.

As it is known, to be able to get recruited into this field, one has to undergo a whole lot of procedures which involves the buying of forms and filling, undergoing screening to determine whether ones body physique matches with what they need and also conducting medical examination as among many other things.

Some people luckily get withdrawn at the early stages but others are able to sail through until certain point that they finally get withdrawn from great number which can be Soo tiring and heartbreaking.

Those who are able to make it through all the screening activities and get picked will now have to undergo field training for sometime before getting equipped with everything about the work.

Normally, people are of the mindset that it is very difficult to get selected if an individual has no personal links with any official and because of that, those who are in the end recruited are mostly seen by people to be "protocol babes".

Meanwhile, it can be said that some people are able to sail through it all despite they not having any relative or friend as an official.

A video which is suspected to be from the training grounds of some military recruits has surfaces online and in that, you would see how their trainer in a military t-shirt warned them to all be of good conduct irrespective of whoever through whom they got there.

He informed them that as part of their recruitment procedures, a medical examination was obtained from them, of which NIL was recorded for each level of the test implying they were all fit and hence he required them to all put in their best effort as the person who brought them has done his or her part but it was now left for them to show that they truly deserve the work.

Please click on the link below to watch the video


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