The Same People Who Called You a Failure Shall Call You a Great Success.


..In all that he does,he prospers(Psalm 1:3)

They said that you are a failure.They said that you are good for nothing.They said that you are worthless.They asked you this question,So what is your use here at all?They said you don't have what it takes to succeed or be great.That is about to change in the name of Jesus.The same people that called you a failure shall call you a great success.

It is a fact that you failed many times in life but it is not the truth.God calls you Beloved.That settles it!It doesn't matter how bad the names were that people called you.You are a child of God and are successful because your heavenly father is successful.The sperma that give birth to you again has the DNA of God and success is part of Gods DNA.

Everything you need to be succesful in life is in your spirit.Walking in the path of success requires that you first acknowledge that you are successful already having all what it takes to succeed in you.God is very successful in everything he does and you have received of His Spirit.

Allow God to breathe upon your soul and body.God will give you the light, understanding and wisdom that you need to succeed in your business,job,ministry and marriage.God shall lead you and bring you to the place of great success.I pray that God will deliver everyone who is on the journey of success from evil temptations that veer people off the path of success in the name of Jesus.If someone says to you that you can't do it,it shouldn't be a powerful force to stop you in the track of success.Rather say that I can because you are successful by nature if you are born again and have all what it takes to succeed in life.

As we walk in obedience to His Word I declare that your business,job,ministry,projects and marriage are successful in the name of Jesus.

I pray that God will set you on the path that he has specially ordained for your success in the name of Jesus.The same people who called you a failure shall call you a great success.


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