What Uhuru's Mother Mama Ngina Has Done To Laikipia County Residents That Has Left Them Thankful

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Whenever one offers social, physical or psychological support to a person facing challenges, the victims affected feels encouraged.However residents from Laikipia County have been undergoing through several tortures due to insecurity conditions recently detected in the area.Photos(Courtesy)

The people have been claiming of destruction of properties by the bandits.However Mama Ngina Kenyatta has expressed a heart of kindness to Laikipia County residents.She has offered food and other essentials to the affected people which has explored her sympathy.In addition Kenyans have commended her act of mercy as they express their gratitude towards her.On the other hand those who have benefited from the help have also thanked Mama Ngina for her support.The government should however lay down more strategies and collaborate with other organizations to provide necessary aid to people faced by insecurity and other forms of disasters.Moreover the security department should also establish means to protect citizens so as to prevent cases of insecurity as currently experienced in Laikipia County.

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