Daylight Gun Robbery in Eastleigh Business Mall Leaves Residents Terrified (VIDEO)


Fear and tension has dawned in Eastleigh area following a daylight robbery that took place on Monday, April 12, 2021. The incident took place in one of the business malls located in the ever busy area. The incident took place at a business mall that sells households and interior decorations such as carpets and pillows.

From a video shared online, about four robbers were captured on CCTV making way inside the shop pretending to be normal customers before one of them pulled out a pistol and pointed to the business owner. While doing so, the rest of the gang is seen robbing the shop while others demand for phones and money from those inside the shop.

The crime takes approximately 2 minutes and they leave the shop immediately. Similar crimes have been on the rise in various areas with young youths armed with guns terrorizing citizens in broad daylight.

With the ongoing curfew, Kenyans are being robbed daily especially in the CBD and other areas.

Here is the video;