Top Government Entities That Spent A lot Of Money

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 The controller of the budget had revealed that the National Intelligence Service, the Teachers Service Commission and the police were some of the biggest spenders on salaries and remuneration of staff in the past financial year. He revealed that the three entities ate the main spenders of the money according to the government distribution of wedges.

However, was TSC mainly spend a lot of money while paying salaries, allowance and also recruiting new teachers. They spent a total of Ksh 207 billion and they were followed closely by the Department of Defence who spent Ksh 90 billion. Department of defence force mainly spent their money on other activities but they only used a little amount of money to do development and also the provision of service.

Other groups that spent a lot includes the departments of Early Learning, University Education, Building of infrastructure, The National Treasury, Health, and Social Protection which each spent Sh61 billion, Sh42 billion, Sh41 billion, Sh29 billion, Sh29 billion and Sh15 billion respectively.

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