I Used My Liposuction Money To Build A House And Open An Office - Blessing CEO Says

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Blessing Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, is a popular relationship expert who took to her social media page to reveal that she built her house with the money she was supposed to use in doing buttocks enlargement. She also revealed what would happen to her if she chose to enlarge her buttocks.

There is no doubt that most ladies have chosen to enlarge their buttocks in order not to be shy of their bodies, and it is said that buttocks enlargement also makes the ladies have confidence in their bodies. Whereas, some people believe that ladies that enlarged their buttocks dis that to get men's attention.

Blessing CEO said that from the look of things, she is among the only six ladies who have been going about with their small buttocks in Lagos because she used her liposuction money to build a house.

According to Blessing CEO, she said: "It's as if it's left just six of us who are carrying small buttocks in this Lagos. I used my liposuction money to build a house and open an office... Let me go and save again. I can not carry buttocks and be walking without any source of income, the buttocks will suffer".

Do you agree with what Blessing CEO said?

What do you think is the reason why ladies are doing liposuction and what do they stand to regret?

Let's have your opinion in this regard, thank you.

Source: Blessing CEO.

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