The Plights Of The African Girl Child


God in His own wisdom, after the creation of Man, decided to make a woman to spice up the life of man. Consequently, women and for that reason girls are the flowers that flavor life, and hance have to be treated with equal regards, dignity and respect.

In reality though, females the world over have been marginalized, playing second fiddle to their male counterparts in a little to all aspects of life. The female gender is always trailing their opposite with regards to politics, education, marriage, business and what have you.

Feminist groups like UN Women, World Pulse, Women's Global Empowerment Fund , Global Grassroots, Happy Period and National Organization for Women have taken the mantle to help bridge the gab between men and women. The aforementioned groups have chalked some successes in their relentless effort against the social menace. However extreme poverty, religion, cultural and traditional believe and lack of political will power have made gender inequality worse off in Africa.

Life of a girl in rural Ghana is a daily nightmare. For instance, a girl child in Northern Ghana has to go through the ordeal of the barbaric Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), subjecting her to inhumane health and psychology torture for the rest of her life. Those who dare to change the status quo, will have to throw caution to the wind and escape from fry pan to fire to the big cities, unite with other homeless escapees who are engaged as Head Potters in Accra or Kumasi. In the cities, they pass the night on the streets making them very vulnerable and sex prey of their male predators.

As if that was not enough, she has force marriage to contain with- a situation where she has to be married off to a man usually old enough to be her father without her consent; refusal of which she may have the whole village to contend with. Some girls who have mastered the courage to run away have been deemed social misfit, as others have too end it all by committing suicide. The painful part is, the social canker has been normalized that chiefs and other opinion leaders in those villages find nothing wrong with it.

Things may not be as devastating in the South relative to the former, yet still girls by the Coast, whom poverty has plunge into hardship, finding it difficult to afford basic necessities such as sanitary pad, become tools for saxual satisfaction by the men who come in handy to offer them as low as $1. Mostly, teachers posted to these communities who are supposed to be agents of change, to motivate and encourage their students become the worst culprits, impregnating the students they are supposed to nurture.

It is my passionate appeal to the authorities that be, various feminist groups, opinion leaders and NGO to extend their activities to the rural areas to liberate the "village" girl child from the the shackles of marginalization. If you wish to help the girl comment, like and share this article