Why Sergio Aguero was in full pain after a loss in the UCL finale.


Sergio Kun Aguero, who has now ended his career with Manchester City with a loss to a Chelsea side in the UCL champions league was in all tears and uncontrollable pain.

This can be based on the fact that, Sergio Aguero has now lost four (4) major finals. This includes two Copa America finals and a World Cup final and not to forget the recent UCL final.

Aguero’s first final loss was a Copa America final against a Chile side.This final game was played on the 4th July, 2015. The game ended goalless and so was to be decided on penalties. Chile emerged winners after a 4-1 win.

It didn’t end there and Argentina fought their way to another final the next year only to face a Chile side again in the 2016 Copa America final. They lost again to Chile on penalties by 4-2.

Again in the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP, Argentina fought hard and made it to the finals to face a Germany side whom had beaten the host nation Brazil, by seven (7) goals to one (1). Argentina really fought hard but lost to the Germans in the Extra time after a draw in regular time.

Not long ago, Manchester City has also lost to Chelsea in the UCL finals by a goal to nil.

These alone could explain the grieve and pain Sergio Aguero is going through.

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