I was robbed last night on my way home, I ran after the thief and this happened- Lady


I was robbed last night on my way home, I ran after the thief and this happened 

In a world where people are increasingly falling victim to criminal activities, it is important for every person to be security conscious. 

Being security conscious will help you to avoid situations that can expose you to danger. It is important to remember that criminals are becoming more cunning and dangerous and it is important for everyone to be careful. 

The state of consciousness is to know what is going on around you. It’s about knowing what to do and how to react to everything that happens around you. Consciousness is knowledge because it will be impossible to react if you don’t know about the impact a situation could have on you.

No matter how many police personnel are out on the street or even if you hire a security guard, your personal safety can only be guaranteed by yourself. There are always unforeseen dangers when you leave your house that may occur at any sudden moment. The best way to try and prevent getting caught in dangerous situations is to be security conscious.

Some people had nasty meetings with criminals along the route, but fortunately the story of this young woman came to a positive end.

The young lady came to Twitter this afternoon and told us what a thief was robbing it just before Ajah, under the Ilaje Bridge.

You will agree that if you are someone familiar with this business, the crime rate in this area is high.

Most ladies will still be very polite when you walk around the area from 4 pm.

The woman claimed she was robbed and she was immediately taken away by the suspect. But she was ordered to stop something, and a wonderful miracle happened. She began to follow him.

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