Shortly after the return of the First Lady, see what she did for some youths and Women in Nigeria

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Our first lady, Dr. Mrs. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari is really trying her best for Nigerians. For some time now, she had been silent in Nigeria. There are different speculations about her whereabout but we finally heard that she's back. Though, we heard she had been in Dubai all this while to attend to her health. The probable news we have is that she's now in Nigeria.

Shortly after her return, she began the good work again. This time , she tried to empower the youths and women of this country. In her generosity, she decided to give generators and sewing machines to women and youths all over the country. Giving her speech, she said that we need to look into entrepreneurship. She urged each government of each state to look into this.

This is a good initiative. There's little a first lady can do and out of it, she decided to bless Nigerians with equipments. This would help them to sustain themselves. It's a good initiative as she's teaching people to catch fishes and not just giving them fishes.

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