Kwesta’s Real Voice Is Finally Revealed In This Video

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A hilarious video of Kwesta speaking in his “real voice”, left a lot of people shocked and at a loss for words.

In the video, a guy asks Kwesta to speak in his real voice and he does. The video was shot behind the scenes of a music video.His actual voice sounds similar to Kabza De Small’s voice. It is completely different from the Kwesta voice that we are used to and the voice that a lot if females are in love with.

[The link to watch the video is at the end of the article.]

The video was posted on Twitter by Ofentse Mwase. Kwesta retweeted the video and captioned it, “This was secret bro.” It was all a joke!

There have always been jokes made about Kwesta’s voice, a young man once said that a lozenge would end his career. Gents were somewhat relieved that Kwesta was faking his voice all along because they were tired of hearing women say they want a guy with Kwesta’s deep voice.

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