Wickedness to the soul of the man of God, why not leave him rest in peace? Opinion

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If you don't know, Nigerians are very brutal and more jealous than any other people in the world. They have got a level of wickedness like no other in Africa. The Nigeria people can tear people apart, they can go against you until you are down.

If they don't want you, they don't want you, no matter what you are doing, these are the people that don't know how to pretend. The follow their bad feeling about you, they will go out of their way to destroy you, even after they see that they are defeated, they will still won't back down.

They will still try to convince the world that they are right, but at the expense of another man's reputation, at the expense of one another man's family. The family of Prophet TB Joshua is mourning right now, but to keep on bringing such issues like these, will not help them to heal in peace.

They keep on reviving that wound, Nigerians are not helping their own people to heal from such pain. Death is not an easy thing, themselves they just continue to be cold hearted and heartless towards the family of the man of God and the church. Even if it is true, but won't they at least give his family peace for a moment.

I believe at that, not everything that is said about the prophet is true, though some of the things that they are saying, they have a so called tangible evidence, but only God knows. Where did they get that tangible evidence from? Only God knows! Where they're coming from with a that exposure? What if this is just fabricated issues.

One this is sure, themselves are going to stand before the judgement seat of God one day and they will account for whatever they said and whatever they make people believe, but then we all know, these are the last days we just leave it to God.


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