Jack Mabaso Biography: Real Name, Age, Salary, Wife, Net Worth and more

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Jack Mabaso Biography: Real Name, Age, Salary, Wife, Net Worth and more

Vusi Kunene real name (Vusumuzi Micheal Kunene) is a South African greatly admired actor and one of the most talented television personalities best known for his roles in Jacob’s Cross (2007-2013, Paradise (2011) and as Jack Mabaso in the SABC1 soapie Generations The Legacy. He was born in Meadowlands, north of Soweto in Johannesburg, in April 1966. However, there has always been a lot of speculation about Vusi’s date of birth, reportedly born on the 13th but changed to the 12th due to superstitious beliefs. Kunene left Generations The Legacy to join House Of Zwide.

Real Name

Jack Mabaso’s real name is Vusi Kunene. However, many people know him by the character he played in the SABC 1 Soapie Generations. In that flick, he played the role of a villain. But viewers loved him regardless.


Jack Mabaso was said to have been born in 1966. While the month of his birth has been given as April, opinions remain divided on the exact day he was born. Some give the day as 12, and others give it as 13.

Either way, if the year is correct, then it’s still easy to determine his age.


Jack Mabaso cuts a mysterious figure as far as family is concerned. It cannot be determined if he’s married and the number of children he has in real life.

While the thespian has assiduously tried to keep his family life private, he hasn’t been entirely successful. He’s known to have a baby mama known as Grace Mhlaba.

She had taken him to court in 2014 for not paying child support. Their daughter, who was 17 at the time, had also taken him to court for abandonment.

However, because Vusi Kunene is immensely popular for his role in Generations, where he also had a family, most people mistake his onscreen family for his family in real life.

Jack Mabaso’s family in Generations comprises Nandi Mabaso – wife (role played by Brenda Mhlongo), Bafana “Fana” Cele – son (role played by Mnqobi Duma), Namhla Diale – daughter (role played by Thulisile Phongolo), Siphesihle “Sphe” Cele – daughter (Role played by Pearl Monama)


If you’re looking for details on Jack Mabaso’s wife in real life, you might be on a long thing. In an era where many people would share details about their lives and family on the gram and elsewhere for the world to see, Jack has hidden chiefly his.

Pastor Career

Most people appear unaware that Jack Mabaso, for all his onscreen theatrics and villainy, is a pastor in real life – a happy leader of the flock.

Although he doesn’t have his ministry at the time of writing, he usually gets invitations from other churches to not only preach the gospel of Jesus but to motivate the flock and push them on the right path.

His acting career markedly contrasts with his Christian calling. But that’s only part of the beauty of his life – and yes, his fans love it.

Generations Role

In the soapie Generations, one of the most popular TV series in South Africa, Vusi Kunene played the role of a villain known as Jack Mabaso. So he was outstanding in the role that the character’s name has stuck to him.

Also, because he was brilliant in acting in Generations, he was not nominated for an Academy Award – a career milestone. While he’s performed in other flicks, none of his career roles has stuck as much as that of Jack Mabaso.


Jack Mabaso’s salary cannot be determined. His family is not the only aspect of his life he would rather keep to himself. However, he’s said to earn decent sums from his acting roles.

Net Worth

Does the net worth make the man? Some people would say yes. For Vusi Kunene, though, the net worth is not as important as giving the best in his role. He wouldn’t discuss his net worth, but the word out there is that it’s almost $1 million.

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