Cute Photos of Gov El-Rufai And Yahaya Bello Playing with their Children


There is no doubt that being a Governor of a State in Nigeria is a herculean tasks with the fact that you need to meet up with the demands of the people and make sure the lives and properties in the state is safe.

As a result of these tasks placed in the hands of our Governors in different states of the federation, they are always busy and hardly have time for themselves and their families.However, there are still few Governors who had demonstrated what it means to be a man and be an ideal father to your children despite their busy schedules. 

These Governors had been seen in a manner that they came down to their children's level, played with them for them to feel their impact. How they manage to fulfil their herculean tasks as Governors and still have time for their families is what most people don't know. 

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State and Yahaya Bello of Kogi State are part of the Nigerian Governors who had been seen on different occasions playing with their children with all sense of enthusiasm. 

These Governors have demonstrated the fact that a man must not neglect his fatherly love and attention to his children no matter the nature of his work. They are not just Governors to their respective states, they have also taught the people of their states how to he an ideal father to their children.