Topic to be discussed on "The Red Light Show" tonight will get you marveled


The Red Light Show, hosted by a renowned Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah has been one of the late night programs shown on televisions. It is usually shown on Thursdays at 11:00pm prompt on United television (UTV). This show is aimed at educating people, married on single, on certain things that make a relationship last, reproductive health, and other very important stuffs of that sort. I'm quite sure many people would "condemn" such a program due to high sometimes "sexual" scenes on the show like the incident when counselor Luterodt allegedly "fingered" one lady on live TV.

Every week comes with it's own different topic to be discussed on the show. This week's episode is not different at all. The topic to be discussed tonight is somehow unbelievable. I'm sure after knowing the topic to be discussed on the Red Light Show tonight, you'll be surprised.

Topic to be discussed on the Red Light Show tonight will be "Functions Of The Penis". I can tell how surprised you are just like I am.

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