Natasha Thahane Made Mzansi to fall in love with her more

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Come guys this year is Natasha Thahane's year.How come can someone trends for the whole year. She really deserve woman of the year award.

Natasha Thahane trends again

If there is somebody who can dispute that Natasha Thahane was the best woman this year,that person does not know his or her story.This has been an upside down for her making waves on socia media like nobody's business.

Instagram users have been much kinder to her giving her approval from what she did.She really deserves a break ins't?. The actress have been recieving lots of backlash from social nertwork users over shady political ties.

Natasha shared a snippet from her interview on instagram with local podcaster called MacG. People were quick to react on that.

the_real.kutloano_aphane said: "I watched that interview and I must say, your story is amazing. I never knew that you struggled that much to just finish your overseas degree. That's amazing. And that one of friends outgrowing one another, funny enough I was also in the same situation when you were on the podcast and now I got to understand why it happens. Thank you so much." Read more:

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