Pothholes Are Being Turned Into Swimming Pools In Evaton (see pics)

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As you all know that the problem of potholes is one problem which not even 1 township, Province in mzansi is spared and although the government and other relevant individuals do try to fix it they just don't see to get it done the right way for the roads they fix only stay fixed for a month or two and then potholes star coming up again.

The people of Evaton seems to have come up with a plan which will have the relevant people for fixing this potholes in our roads doing it the right way. Refer to the pics below to see what they have been up to.

So what happened here is that instead of reporting the pothole to their nearest municipality they decided to get the kid and go turn the pothole into some sort of chilling spot in a park.Bear in mind that with them doing this it automatically means that no car or other persons will be using the road as it is now filled with water from the rain they had a few days back.

Looking at this pics above there are adults who are actually present at this swimming spot at the pothole and although this can look like they are just being childish, Truth is this is the sign that the relevant people for fixing these potholes were not doing thief job and that is why the whole managed to grow that big to an extent where it can even accommodate adults.

With this being done one can tell without a doubt that the relevant individuals will be ashamed and go attend this situation as soon as possible, So now looking at this whole situation from your perspective, what is it that you have to say? Please see what other people said about this whole situation in the screenshots below.

So now with all this being, what is it that you as an individual have to say ? Do you think that this should be turned into a norm countrywide or not? Let us know what you think, Leave some comments below

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