Opinion: 3 Reasons Why Chelsea Will Beat Manchester City In The UEFA Champions League Finals


Last night, Chelsea eliminated Real Madrid from the Champions League. In the finals, they will play Manchester City. Thomas Tuchel has only been in charge of Chelsea for three months, but the club has already advanced to the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League finals. Let's look at three reasons why Chelsea will win the UEFA Champions League final against Manchester City.

1. Chelsea has advanced to the final of the UEFA Champions League on many occasions. In 2008, they were defeated by Manchester United, but in2009, they defeated Bayern Munich to earn their first UEFA Champions League title. They have more championship experience than Manchester City. This would be Manchester City's first appearance in the UEFA Champions League finals, which could give Chelsea a significant advantage.

2. Since joining Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel has amassed impressive statistics against the top managers. Thomas Tuchel has beaten Tottenham Hotspur, Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, Everton, Manchester City, and Real Madrid's top managers. Tuchel has defeated these clubs' managers without conceding a goal. This demonstrates that he is indeed capable of defeating Manchester City in the finals.

3. Chelsea's counter-attacking tactics under Thomas Tuchel could help them defeat Manchester City in the final. Chelsea used this strategy against Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid. Thomas Tuchel has kept a lot of clean sheets this season thanks to his tactics. His team defends deep and attacks on the counter.

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