Stylish Trending 'Aso Ebi 'styles


Hi ladies it's prettyn'stylish here again and today am here with the trending aso ebi styles for you to choose from. As ebi is a Nigerian originated dress that is traditionally worn by women in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indication of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festivals. The dress was normally worn by the host and his relatives of an event but now it can be worn by friends and even foreigners.

The purpose of wearing the dress back in the olden days was to serve as self identification with age mates, relatives or friends during social occasions such as wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, funerals, engagements etc.

The dress is seen in the form of a gown and worn with a matching headwear. It is normally worn with high heels and adorned with jewelries such as chains, bracelets, watches etc. Below are some stylish designs of the Trending'Aso Ebi. Remember to love your style and rock your style. It's always prettyn'stylish.

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