Chelsea Defender Who Silenced Son And Harry Kane.

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We can now consider chelsea as unstoppable after what they did to their london derby rivals before their fans. The well occupied stadium was left empty at the end of the game after chelsea thrilled totenham hotspur unbelievably. Chelsea seemed to struggle in the first half although they had some short on targets. They managed to defend well and cool down the game. Alot of mistakes were pointed out from chelsea mildfield and attacking line as well but later they rectified.

Thiago Silva , Andrew Christensen and Antonio rudger were the three guys at back three and they completely switched off harry Kane, son and dele Ali. Thiago silva was the man who made sure Son didn't make any threat especially the second half. Totenham didn't make any short on target in second half .Rudger was available to make sure harry Kane was weak in attacks and didn't make any threatful movements.

Kepa arizabaraga was ready to read the whole newspaper the second half as chelsea dominated everywhere beginning from mildfield where kovacic and jorgihno took control with the leadership of Ngolo Kante. Chelsea will remain to be the most deadly team. Despite the fact that lukaku didn't score he facilitated alot. Timo werner was also crucial as he gave an assist immediately he came on including an attackthat was saved by lrois. More is to be said positively about chelsea but l leave you to give any of them below in comment.

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