Daasebre Adu-Asare: We want to make Tema the hub of football in Ghana once again


Chairman of the Tema Metropolitan Football Association, (TMFA) has said they aim to make the harbour city the hub of football once again in Ghana.

The metropolis has produced some of the best talents that Ghana has ever seen with most going on to represent the nation at international level.

Indeed, Ghana's successes in international football down the years, has been achieved with players from Tema and its environs playing a crucial role in these achievements.

Such talents were produced when juvenile (colts) football was well organized and played in Tema with players tropping in from all over the country to participate.

Over the last decade or so, the organization of colts football in Tema and indeed all over Ghana has taken a nose dive with these activities not being given the needed attention as previously.

And, this, Mr Adu-Asare said, the TMFA is determined to revive as they have laid down a plan for its resurrection.

Mr Adu-Asare said this at the Congress of the TMFA held last Thursday at the Tema Sports Stadium.

The Congress proposed the second week of March to commence the new season subject to the approval of the Regional Football Association.

When approved, the TMFA will adopt game centers for the organization of the competition, (colts and third division) where up to four matches could be played a day to generate more interest in the game.

Mr Adu-Asare appealed to stakeholders in Tema to help the TMFA with sponsorship for its programs which he believed, would help curb some of the social vices that the youth in the municipality engages in.

The Congress of the TMFA was graced by the presence of the vice chairman of the Regional Football Association, Mr Gabriel Kwao who tasked the clubs to take their registration with the Registrar General Department seriously as it is mandatory for them to do so.

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