A Woman Arrested In Konoin Sub County For Killing A New Born Baby Boy


An infant. Photo courtesy of internet.

A middle age woman and a resident of Chebangang location in Konoin sub county has been arrested by police today after delivering a baby and killed it

According to a police report seen by this opera news writer,Zippora Moraa aged 33 yrs a resident of Kapkeronjo village, Kapingere sub location in Chebangang location gave birth to a baby boy today 21.0702021 at around 7.00am in the open outside her house. 

The police report further stated that few minute later,her neighbours saw her acting abnormally and informed the village administrator who together with members of the public proceeded to her house and found her hurriedly moving towards tea bushes.

 Through their combined efforts they managed to arrest her. Police officers from Kimulot arrived at the scene and a search was conducted in her house.

A dead infant with a wrapping around its neck was found kept inside a basket used for keeping green tea leaves. 

She gave no reason of her action.The suspect was escorted to Kapkatet hospital for examination and the body of the infant was taken to the same hospital mortuary for preservation.

Cases of infanticides are on the rise in Konoin sub county and many have attributed this trend to hard economic times and influxes of women from other counties who come to seek employment as tea plucker

The suspect is to be arraigned before a Sotik court tomorrow 22-7-2021.

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