37year old man who killed his girlfriend for wearing new shoes, still on the run

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Source: https://www.dailysun.co.za/News/help-cops-find-this-killer-ben10-20210927

Nowadays young people find themselves in relationships with older people. Before it was only men dating younger women, today s lot has changed even young people find themselves bin relationships with older women than them. They call them their sugar Mama's a word used to refer to old girlfriend.

In 2013 the man aged 37years was arrested after taking the life of his old girlfriend. He was later granted bail but in 2018 the case was reinstated due to investigations done. Ncediso was supposed to show up for his court hearing but he vanished. Which is in violation of his bail conditions.

The police are now on the look out for him, it is alleged that he killed his girlfriend for wearing new shoes to the streets. This man couldn't help seeing his old woman getting applaud from the people on the streets. Lady who is killed left her three children from previous marriage.

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