Lawmakers energizing security challenges in the north to fix 2023 races – Ortom

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Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, Wednesday, alarmed that lawmakers were energizing the security challenges in northern states to guarantee that races didn't happen in such regions in 2023 to empower them rig the races. 

He cautioned anybody wanting to fix races in Benue state to say his last petitions since Benue individuals were completely activated to check any designs to undercut their desires communicated through the voting form. 

He asked President Muhammadu Buhari to save the country from the malevolent maneuvers of such legislators by not marking

into law the Electoral Act correction bill in the event that it didn't accommodate the electronic transmission of political decision results.

Government officials filling security challenges in the north to fix 2023 races – Ortom 

...cautions anybody intending to fix decisions in Benue state ...encourages President Buhari to save Nigeria's majority rules system by not marking Electoral Act revision bill if electronic transmission of results isn't given in that.

Leader representative spoke Wednesday to Journalists at the Makurdi Airport on his get back from the Abuja where he went to an extended Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, partners meeting just as the PDP Governors Forum meeting. 

He said Nigeria couldn't be believed to retrogress when different countries of the world were pushing forward to better the parcel of their kin saying without the arrangement for electronic transmission the votes of Nigerians would not include in 2023. 

He expressed that individuals from the All Progressives Congress, APC, who were the larger part in the National Assembly moved against the desires and yearnings of Nigerians who chose them into office by falling flat for give them what they wanted which was the electronic transmission of result all since they had set themselves up to fix the 2023 races.

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